What is Voonka? – Voonka

What is Voonka?

We, as Voonka, started out with the aim to provide people with a healthier and a more natural life in 2012. With the inspiration we took from nature, we aim to provide healthy solutions for our consumers. We transfer the things that nature gives us to future generations, and supply the nutrient supplements that we create with this inspiration to the people who needs.

We see ourselves as "Healthy Living Partners" of the people we serve, and we work with this responsibility. We act with respect for nature and natural resources, and we aim to make it possible also for future generations to benefit from the sources that the world generously offers. For this reason, we are aware of the environment in every activity of us.
We are aware of every support that nature presents to us, and we work to make them beneficial to human health at the highest level.

We believe that we added a new dimension to the sector with our presence and goals. We trust the contents, the benefits and the quality of our products. Being a health bridge from the past to today, from today to the future comes in front of everything for us. We work in this direction and strive to be beneficial to humanity while developing our products.